Work in Rotorua Abundant natural resources and centrally located

Rotorua is a city located on the southern shores of Lake Rotorua in the heart of the North Island of New Zealand

Rotorua is a vibrant, thriving city with an increasingly cosmopolitan character. It is a multi-cultural district of over 69,000 residents, making it the 12th largest urban area in New Zealand.

Rotorua is the ideal place to live for professional couples and families that have a passion for the outdoors. Easy access to the region’s natural features provides ample opportunity to enjoy Rotorua’s scenic beauty and outdoor environment. Rotorua has an abundance of natural resources including 18 lakes, 3 rivers, thermal hot springs and native and exotic forests. There are over 100 parks, reserves and gardens free for public use and hundreds of kilometres of cycling and walking tracks.

Getting around

An attractive advantage of living in Rotorua is that you can easily bike, walk or use public transport. If you are a cyclist you will love the cycling friendly landscape with easy riding throughout the city and surrounding suburbs.

Rotorua is well connected to the rest of New Zealand through a network of air and road links. You are just 2.5 hour drive, or 45 minute flight from Auckland, and a 5.5 hour drive, or 1 hour flight from Wellington.

Claim to fame

Since the 1830’s international visitors have enjoyed Rotorua’s natural geothermal wonders and Māori cultural experiences. Rotorua has built a successful reputation as a tourism destination, renowned for its welcoming hospitality – referred to in Māori as ‘manaakitanga’.

The city maintains a strong Māori Cultural heritage. The local tribe (iwi) is Te Arawa who has gifted substantial amounts of land to benefit the entire Rotorua community. There is a strong bicultural partnership between local government and Te Arawa.

Moving to Rotorua

Tourism is a key industry in Rotorua and SMEs are an integral part of the success of this region. To support the Rotorua market the Deloitte office offers services in Tax and Private.

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We asked Jayde Penney what it's like to work in Rotorua

What is your role?

I am based in Rotorua, but my team is in Auckland. I am a Payroll Team Leader for Deloitte Payroll primarily whilst working on some payroll projects with the Tax & Private teams in my “spare” time.

How long have you been in Rotorua?

I moved down here in August 2016.

Where did you relocate from?

Born and bred West Aucklander, I became sick of the daily commute and rising house prices.

How long does it take to commute to work?

We leave home at 8:15, drop both kids at school and I’m at my desk by 8:30.

How did you find settling into Rotorua?

We settled in remarkably well. The kids settled into their new schools without any problems and the Rotorua office is full of awesome and welcoming people.

Did you move alone or with family? Any challenges?

With my 14 year old son and 7 year old daughter. The biggest challenge so far is missing the rest of our whanau and friends.

What do you love about Rotorua? Like the least?

Rotorua is a beautiful city with so many amazing places on our front doorstep. The bush, lake and so many attractions. In regards to the housing market, you get more bang for your buck. Least would be that I miss my Auckland team, friends and whanau.

What have you enjoyed most in your time so far?

Being able to spend more time with my kids. Without having to leave the house at 7:00am and arrive home at 7:00pm (like in Auckland). I now have about 2 hours a day extra to spend with them. You can’t buy time.

Is there anything that you’ve experienced that wasn’t quite what you expected?

The “isolation” has taken a while to get used to. Everyone I have ever really known is in Auckland, however I don’t regret it at all.

The culture change took a while to get used to also. Life in Rotorua is a not as “full-on”, this translates to everything and everyone in Rotorua.

Any hints or tips for anyone who is thinking of moving to Rotorua?

  • If you are moving here for the lifestyle – do it. You can have your cake and eat it too, live the dream without having to sacrifice your career.
  • If you are moving with children – make the conversation open and honest. My children have been a part of the decision right from the beginning.
  • Research and talk to others that live in the city or have made a move to a smaller city, as there can be many things you don’t consider when moving. I would be happy to talk to anyone considering the move.
  • Once you have moved, get out and explore the city, it truly is a beautiful city with so much history. I have joined a few groups/clubs.
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