Actuarial services We partner with our clients and transfer knowledge.

Helping companies make better-informed decisions regarding insurance liabilities, assets, capital management, performance measurement, growth, and risk.

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What we do

We work closely with our clients on the challenges they face, helping them to make important value-based decisions.

We provide:

  • Core Actuarial support in valuation and pricing for both small and large insurers throughout New Zealand
  • Strategic decision making support to our public and private sector clients which can include complex financial and economic modelling and analysis
  • Advice around system infrastructure, working closely with our IT consulting and Finance teams to develop and build streamlined business processes
  • Analysts are often interacting with and presenting to clients alongside senior team members
  • Our client work can create opportunities for travel both within New Zealand and overseas
  • Our projects are broad, meaning you will gain experience across a range of industries
  • You will have many opportunities to develop useful technical skills and we will support you throughout your Actuarial studies
  • Our team is social! We have regular social gatherings, end of month drinks and regularly go on coffee outings

What about technology?

Our clients are becoming more data and tech-savvy and we need to be too. Therefore, data analytics, visualization techniques, innovative design and presentation techniques are changing the way we are able to approach our work and share it with our clients


What kind of clients will I work with?

Large and medium sized NZ businesses in a variety of industries – for example, insurance, agriculture, banking and finance and Government clients – for example, education, health, and local government